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Thursday 30 January 2014


Your Sims can now be plagued by dangerous disasters!

Download Disasters 2.0
  • Seasons is required for this mod to work!
  • Please note that this is an early version of the mod and may still contain unspotted bugs. If you find a bug, please report it.
  • Remember to enable the disaster from the city hall, this is required for it to work.
  • Disasters will play a significant role in your gameplay, therefore it is not recommended you use this mod simply "because it's there". If you're not prepared for the effects, either don't use this mod, or keep disasters disabled in worlds you don't want to use them in.
  • It is possible for Sims to die from disasters if you're not careful. However, as far as I know, Sims who are not either in the active household or in focus (on or near an active or viewed lot) can't die automatically.
  • I have received reports that this mod doesn't perform well on lower-end computers and may lead to crashes. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.

Change Log

  • 2
    • Added the "Extreme Lightning Storm" disaster.
    • An active disaster can now be stopped with the new "Post Disaster Solution" interaction on the computer. When used, your Sim will post a solution to stopping the disaster, and if successful, you will be prompted to donate an amount of money (can be customized in the settings) to have the disaster stopped within an hour. The success depends on your Sim's Logic and Science skills. If successful, your disaster rank will immediately increase (by 1 normally, or 5 for disasters that don't have other methods of increasing disaster rank). If unsuccessful, there is a chance your Sim will be temporarily banned from posting disaster solutions. This chance decreases the higher your Sim's disaster rank.
    • You can now customize how long each disaster will last, separately from how long a stage leading up to a disaster will last.
  • 1.1
    • "Donate to Defenses" is now available on the smartphone and multitab. NOTE: For the smartphone, it appears under "Services".
    • "Donate to Defenses" will no longer appear if there are no disasters enabled.
    • Previously, all the fires have been put out, the only effect of the disaster before it officially ended would be the extremely high temperature and Energy decay effects that already exist in the third stage anyway. Now, the fires will be re-generated!
    • When the disaster starts, objects that are currently in use by Sims are protected from being set on fire. There is no way to predict when a disaster will start and therefore the player can't prepare for it properly, so the protection was put in place to make it fair for the player and make it more difficult for Sims to die unexpectedly. However, this protection does not apply to fires that are re-generated after the old set has been put out! Also, this does not stop your Sim from getting caught on fire entirely, it is still possible to get caught on fire from standing between objects targeted by the mod (as was shown in the above video).
    • If you are using Ultimate Careers, performance decrease while on the work lot will be disabled during a disaster. Performance decrease off the lot remains, however.
    • The chance of having your Energy automatically decay while indoors has been significantly reduced. However, the chance while outdoors is still the same.


Disasters can be enabled and disabled through the city hall. Each disaster has five stages that last a random amount of time between a Sim hour to four Sim days (this setting can be customized from the City Hall). During the first stage, nothing happens, it just means the mod has selected for the disaster to happen. During the second, third and fourth stage, strange effects start to occur. The fifth stage is where the disaster actually happens. After the fifth stage, the mod moves onto the next disaster.

For example, for Ultra Blaze:

  • During the second stage, the temperature becomes stuck at 100° (regardless of the season) and Sims who go outside will immediately become warm.
  • During the third stage, Sims who go outside will sweat, and there is occasionally a chance of them passing out.
  • During the fourth stage, Sims who go outside will sweat to the point that they're on the brink of spontaneous combustion, and there is an increased chance of them passing out. At this point, even Sims who are inside will get warm, though not as much as those outside.
  • During the fifth stage, where the disaster actually begins, fires will break out all over the world. A percent change from 1 to 100 is randomly generated, and this percent is used for each object in the world to decide whether to set it on fire. After this is over (or is stopped by the town defenses while already taking place), the mod will give you a helping hand getting rid of the remaining fires by setting the weather to rain. However, indoor fires will remain the same.
Luckily, there is a way to stop a disaster, but it costs money. Using a computer you can donate 1,000 simoleons to the town's defenses. Future versions of the mod will add this option to the smartphone and multitab. Each time you donate, there is a 10% chance of the mod starting a countdown which will stop the disaster from progressing once it reaches 0. However, you will not receive any notification that the countdown has started, meaning you will need to either donate more than once (which will cost more) or chance your luck and hope that it was successful. This adds more challenge to the process. You can donate at any time, even while the disaster is in the first stage (where it has no effect). Please note that donations only effect the disaster the mod has currently selected, not any future disasters.

Disaster Rank

But it's not all bad! If a disaster does occur, there are benefits you can get for being a hero. The mod contains a "Disaster Rank" system for Sims. Performing certain interactions during a disaster can increase your rank. Increasing your rank will earn you lifetime happiness points, give you a positive moodlet and increase your relationship with the Sims you know.

You will receive 5,000 lifetime happiness points, making this method very effective - this balances out all the negative effects caused by disasters. The relationship increases gets higher depending on your rank, but it goes no higher than 40 relationship points.

To increase your disaster rank:

Ultra Blaze - Put out fires and extinguish Sims.

Possible Future Features

  • The ability for putting out fires to contribute to the Firefighter Profession in Ambitions.
  • The option to customize how much money is donated to the town defenses, as well as the chance the donation will be able to stop the disaster.
  • More moodlet icons, instead of the same one for every moodlet.
  • The ability for the frequency of disasters to change depending on outcome of Oasis Landing in Into The Future.


  1. Wow this is terrific! I can't wait to give it a try :D Thank you for this!

  2. Thank you! Your mods have really refreshed the game. And i like your creativity.

  3. This sounds like a fun challenge, can I use this if I am only patched to 1.63?

    1. I haven't tested it, but chances are it will work. :D

  4. Holy crap I kept laughing the whole time. :p Kind of feel guilty about that.

  5. Me too! I ROFL, as I watched the video. Thanks for making the game entertaining again and can't wait for the new add ons. Still laughing!

  6. beautiful. do you mind adding 'Ice Age Disaster' to this? it'll be nice addition to the winter world i have. keep up with those good mods, it's making the game more interesting!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion!
      It's on the list of disasters to add, after the severe lightning storm one I'm working on. :)

  7. This is awesome! Kind of like some players have done with ROS (random occurrence scenarios), except we actually get to SEE it! Love it.

  8. I love to have the Disaster in my game I downloaded it and when my game logs it crash and when I took it out I have no problems with my game what am i doing wrong?

  9. Hi I have a Problem sorry for this but thise don't work on V1.62 I relly love Disasters and like relly love them can you please make it also for V1.62 and Thanks for making them I relly love Disaster hahahahah but can't play it wen you have the time please make it so it can work with v1.62 and Thanks

  10. Same here crash wen I go in my game but wen I took it out my game worked fine again I think It is not yet for v1.62 but I am shure it will be upgrade to v1.62 :)

  11. Hey, it's great that you made Natural Disasters for TS3! Here are some things I think would be awesome. I'm not sure how well you could implement it, but would be interested by your response:

    -Blizzard: It gets freezing cold, and starts to snow heavier and heavier. The winds pick up, plumbing starts to break just like fires start with the blaze, and by the 5th stage, sims outside will be freezing to death.

    -Monsoon: It rains. A lot. Heavier and heavier, and puddles form EVERYWHERE. This is the closest we could get to a flood sadly. I know there have been instances of flooded houses, but that sounds hard to replicate for a mod. I wonder how easy it would be to make small objects (toys, tools, etc.) and maybe even large objects (chairs, decor, etc.) be "washed away" and disappear. Also have a 5% chance of sims on beach lots or something drowning, even if they aren't in the water.

    -Earthquake: Imported straight from ambitions, just no longer mandatory that a sim be a firefighter. Maybe use blunt force trauma death, from Uni Life?

    -Meteor Shower: Meteors. Everywhere. Death by meteor.

    -Drought: Water go bye bye. Heat rises, chance of fires increase. Plants wither and die, people die of dehydration (Island Paradise). Is it possible to make plumbing unable to be used? That would work well.

    -Famine: Food go bye bye. The store doesn't have any, fridges and other food objects unavailable (Cows, chickens, ice cream maker, etc.), plants die. Makes it easier for sims to die from hunger.

    These sound like they could be their own mods, IDK:

    -Plauge. Starts out with one person who gets the sickness moodlet. Spreads to various others. People can go to the hospital to get treated, and if they don't they may die. Ghost type should be from whatever expansion brought the sickness moodlet.

    -Zombie Apocalypse: One person starts out as a permanent zombie, and then soon they take over the world.


    I have this written out here, if you have the time: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/628252.page