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Sunday 12 January 2014

Lot Events (V2)

Make your world more active and exciting with the new Lot Events mod, currently in development. Lot Events makes use of the "Event Lot Marker" included in the University Life patch to allow for changing lots.

Download Lot Events 2.0.3

To disable the EA standard rabbithole prom, use this tuning mod: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p17086bar78priq/Zerbu_-_No_Standard_Prom.rar

To set the mod up, go into build/buy mode on the lot you want to add an event to, go into BuyDebug and find the object "EventLotMarker DO NOT TRANSLATE" and place it onto the lot. It works just like the Seasonal Lot Marker, where you can allow for different versions of a lot.

After you've done that, click the lot in Live Mode, then select "Zerbu" then "Lot Events" then you'll be given options for when you want the event to occur, what conditions are required to unlock it, what message will be displayed, etc...


  • You must have an EventLotMarker on the lot, otherwise nothing will happen.
  • The features that involve selecting specific Sims (relationship unlock requirements and push to lot settings) are not very suitable for generational gameplay and best used with aging off, or at least with a mod that uses TS2-style aging or disables aging for specific Sims.
  • To enable an event, you must set the percent chance of it occurring. Set this to 100% if you want the event to always occur. The default is 0%, which means there is no event.
  • The conditions for event 1 will be checked first, so if the conditions of two events clash with each other, event 1 will be chosen (note: the "Chance" conditions still applies, so if event 1 fails that, event 2 will be selected, or if event 2 fails it as well, no event will be selected).
  • "Orientation Layout" is for event 1, "Layout Two" is for event 2. "Orientation Layout" is just a name since the EventLotMarker was only intended for use with them meet and greet (before I changed that with this mod :P) so you can ignore it and pretend it says "Layout One".

Change Log

  • 2.0.3
    • Fixed bug where a relationship requirement will count as met if an active Sim doesn't know the specified Sim.
  • 2.0.2
    • The mod is now disabled on "Student Union" type lots as this interferes with the normal meet-and-greet.
  • 2.0.1
    • Fixed error where Event 2 was programmed to push Sims based on Event 1's age group settings instead of Event 2's.

Changes From Version 1

Lot Events now allows you to have a non-rabbithole prom for teen Sims. This functions much like a normal event, except that your Sims will have a chance of becoming prom king/queen based on what events took place. Your traits, number of friends, and whether or not you used the dream interaction will increase your chances as it normally would. If you do any of the following actions while currently at the event lot, it will increase your chances:

Mind Meld (:P)
Meet Sim
Learn Another Sim's Trait

As an added bonus, you will get 5,000 lifetime happiness points for becoming prom king/queen.

To enable this, select "Prom Event" then "Yes".

To complement this, a new feature has been added to the "Push to Lot Settings" menu to automatically push Sims who are of a certain age stage.

WARNING: The mod is only set to handle one prom event at once. If you have two running at the same time, the system for calculating events that increase the chance of a Sim becoming prom king/queen may act strangely, since this is set to reset once one of the events is over (effecting the other one).

The prom feature of the mod requires Generations. Although it would be possible to just restrict certain features of it, I chose not to as the team needs their sales.

If you want to assign an outfit type to an event, Consort's mod does it nicely: http://modthesims.info/d/477049


  1. Oh, wow! I am SO excited for this update. The Generations prom feature was a total letdown. Thank you for sharing!

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