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The Sims 3 mods available for download on this blog are no longer being updated. They are still available for download, but be forewarned that there will not be any new versions of them.

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Friday 18 April 2014

Deluxe Pedestal

I bring you a new mod - Deluxe Pedestal - an object mod that upgrades the clothing pedestals from Into The Future with brand new options.

(Obviously, you must have Into The Future for the mod to work)

IMPORTANT: The new options that come with this mod are only available when clicking on the pedestal itself, not the mannequin. It's probably possible to fix that, but I chose to keep it the way it was since you wouldn't want the options appearing when you were just trying to direct your Sim to buy an outfit.

Specialized Shops

You can now choose to only have the age, gender and category combinations you choose to have, rather than being forced to have them all. It appears the ability to only have certain types was already programmed into the object, but was incomplete and not possible to access from the game. I added the option to enable it (by deleting existing outfits from the pedestal) and made it fully functional.

You can delete the outfit types you don't want using "Management" -> "Delete" then choose from the options. Select "Delete All" if you want to completely clear the pedestal of all outfits and build it up from scratch.

The delete options may sometimes fail to delete all the clothes you want if a certain age/gender combination has never been loaded on the pedestal before. Other than that, there are no known issues.

Importing Outfits

You can now import sets of outfits into the pedestal from any Sim who's currently in the world. Select "Import" followed by an age/gender combination and select a Sim, then all of that Sim's outfits will be imported into the pedestal. Also, as an unintentional feature, all face sliders (and custom body sliders that the game thinks are face sliders) and the selected Sim's hair style and colour will be applied to the mannequin when the outfit is being viewed. This is the fastest and easiest way to populate the pedestal with outfits.

NOTE: This will import all of the Sim's outfits. If you want to make a shop that specializes in a certain type of outfit, use the delete functions mentioned above to delete the categories you don't want.

TIP: It is possible to import outfits from other worlds by transferring the lot between the worlds using the lot bin.

Faster Plan Outfit

A new Plan Outfit option has been added to the Management menu that not only allows you to go straight into planning the outfit, but it doesn't require you to own the lot.

By default, the game would crash when trying to use the interaction on an age/gender combination that either doesn't have an everyday outfit, or doesn't have an outfit in the currently displayed category (the latter of which would only happen if you just newly used one of the delete options without changing to a different outfit afterwards). As a workaround for this issue, I've programmed the custom interaction to dump a random Sim of the selected age and gender into the mannequin editor CAS when this problem occurs. In the unlikely event that there are no Sims of the selected age and gender, the active Sim will appear and that CAS session will become next to useless (the alternative was the game crashing) so in order to activate a new combination that is not currently activated, there will need to be at least one Sim in the world with that combination.

The original Plan Outfit interaction is still there. When you use the original and try to edit with one of the problems above, the game will just skip entering CAS and do nothing.

Unfortunately, since the custom Plan Outfit is a new interaction, the changes to CAS made by NRaas MasterController will not take effect. It will still take effect on the original Plan Outfit though.

Price Multiplier

You can add more challenge by increasing the price of all outfits on the pedestal. Use "Management" -> "Price" then set a number to multiply it by. You can also make all outfits free by setting it to 0.

Debug Interactions

The debug interactions previously only available in build/buy, that allows you to quickly set the age/gender without your Sim needing to perform actions, have been added to live mode. They will still only appear if you have TestingCheatsEnabled on.

Change Logs

  • The price setting now supports decimal numbers, including those lower than the default.
  • Added the default replacement versions.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Event Balloons (Scripted Object)

I've been working on my new mod, Event Outbreak, but eventually got bored. I've decided to release what I've got so far. This version only has the event system, and doesn't have any unlockables.


The Event Balloons are available in the same categories as normal balloons and cost 1,000 simoleons. They allow you to run a variety of events, similar to what is described in Event Outbreak (http://zerbu.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/event-outbreak-announcement.html).

If you have TestingCheatsEnabled on, cheat interactions will be available.

Please be warned that this is the first version. Please report any bugs if you spot them. Please also mention what time during an event (as it was starting, in the middle, etc) the bug occured.

I'm not sure whether or not I'll get to making the full version of Event Outbreak. Hopefully I will, but I'm not making any promises.