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Thursday 15 May 2014

Emblem Logger

With The Sims 4 so close by, most players are getting bored of The Sims 3 and are getting the last enjoyment they can out of it. The Emblem Logger keeps track of your progress in five categories ordered by difficulty - traits, skills, careers, skill challenges and lifetime wishes. Having a trait, mastering a skill, getting to the top of a career, completing all skill challenges for a specific skill, or completing a lifetime wish, will earn you an "emblem" that can be added to the Emblem Logger. It not only reduces boredom by giving you a goal to work for, but it pushes you to try every last feature. You can play any way you like - one household or multiple households, with aging on or off - and the Emblem Logger will log all active Sims.

The Emblem Logger is an object based on the holo computer from Into The Future, and is available from the same category, though it is free. Earning an emblem does not actually effect gameplay, the object merely logs your progress and gives you goals to work towards so you won't just be playing mindlessly.

To enable the Emblem Logger, place it anywhere in the world and select "Turn On" or "Turn On (Household Name Only)" - it is important to know that the Emblem Logger will not log the progress of inactive households, the choice merely determines whether the Emblem Logger should continue logging if you switch households. A new Emblem Logger will not automatically fill with emblems from gameplay that occurred before it was placed, but if you have a Sim in the active household who has the necessary requirements for an emblem, it will be logged at that point.

To view your emblems, click "View Emblems" and all your currently earned emblems will be shown. Emblems are shown by a plumbob graphic along with the name of the Sim who earned it. The game will also play random loading screen music from World Adventures, University Life or Into The Future.

There is an additional category - the Events category, that can be unlocked by enabling testingcheatsenabled, clicking the emblem logger and choosing "Event Emblems ON" - the "Events" category creates an emblem whenever a Sim triggers an "event" in the game's programming. The list of events is pre-programmed into the game and not controlled by me. Chances are, some of the emblems will be unachievable, either because they can't be triggered by an individual Sim or they need to be triggered immediately upon entering a travel world. There is no user-friendly list of event names, so the mod grabs the variable names directly from the enum - however, I have programmed it to add a space before every capital letter in order to look more user friendly, though some of the names may still be confusing.

You can carry the Emblem Logger to other worlds using the Family Inventory (which SHOULD be called the Household Inventory) though you may require cheats to place it in a World Adventures base camp if you don't have your own home in that location. I wanted it to be compatible with the personal inventory, but that seems to require a lot of extra coding to work that isn't worth it since I don't think there's any special benefit to having it in the personal inventory besides it being either to put it there.

Download the Emblem Logger Mod!

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