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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Biography Popup Notifications

When your Sim meets another Sim, a popup notification will be displayed showing their biography. You can also view it by clicking on the Sim and clicking "Biography", or quickly edit it using "Biography: Change" or "Biography: Add".


  • In some store worlds since Sunlit Tides, you may just get the same world-related message over and over again when meeting Sims. This is not a glitch, those are the actual biographies that are assigned to Sims in store worlds.


No known bugs, if you spot any, please notify me either on the comments for this page or on my Twitter.


Download Biography Popup Notifications

1 comment:

  1. Hey Zerbu, just like to say I'm glad you are still around, I thought we lost you when you left MTS!
    And thank you for saving this great mod. I also liked your Party Rank System mod and still use it - it still works!
    Continue creating interesting mods like these! :)