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The Sims 3 mods available for download on this blog are no longer being updated. They are still available for download, but be forewarned that there will not be any new versions of them.

For The Sims 4 mods, go to http://zerbu.tumblr.com/


Ultimate Careers Tuning Packages

Note: Some of the settings are outdated since they've been replaced with options available directly from the City Hall, and it's not worth the work recreating every tuning package just to remove them. Those settings will just be ignored from inside the game.


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    1. Hello, if I download the default file, will I be able to change strings to my own language (french) ? Does a file for translators exist (to submit a translation) ? thanks !

  2. The Default tuning package has been deleted from Mediafire :(

  3. Would it be possible to put these back up? I really love this mod but it's a bit punishing for my gameplay style so I'd love to tune it down a bit. Thanks!

  4. Download Links were not working

  5. The download links aren't working properly. Could you please fix them?

  6. Until the download links are fixed, I've uploaded the files (except the Extreme tuning files) onto my mediafire account that is published on NRaas.wiki http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Zerbu%27s+Ultimate+Careers+Mod under 1.5.

    Once the tuning files are up, I'll remove them from the guide.

  7. i cant find the tuning file anywhere, please help.