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Thursday 24 October 2013

Lifetime Powers and Curses

This mod gives you powers and curses you can use on yourself or other Sims using lifetime happiness points.

Drain Need
Causes the selected need to be reduced to nothing. If hunger is selected, it will reduce the need to nearly nothing, because reducing it to nothing will cause the Sim to die of starvation. There is a 25% chance this will backfire and effect the user instead of the target.

Auto Fulfillment
Automatically maxes out the selected need. There is a 25% chance this will backfire and reduce the need instead of maxing it out.

Donate Happiness
In exchange for 5,000 of the user's lifetime happiness points, the target will be given 2,500. This can be used on any Sim but is especially useful for giving the next generation a head start. There is a 35% chance this will backfire and remove 5,000 of the target's lifetime happiness points, so a lot of this is based on luck.

Scan Needs
Displays a notification showing another Sim's needs so you know what needs to be fulfilled. Useful if an NPC Sim is in a bad mood and you want to know why. This power will always work, it cannot fail.



  • Make the chance of backfiring be based on traits (thanks to SimtasticWorld for this suggestion).


No known bugs, if you spot any, please notify me either on the comments for this page or on my Twitter.


Download Lifetime Powers and Curses - Version 1

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