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Sunday 29 December 2013

Lot Events Announcement

Make your world more active and exciting with the new Lot Events mod, currently in development. Lot Events makes use of the "Event Lot Marker" included in the University Life patch to allow for changing lots.

  • Have special events held at your lots - set up an event lot marker and choose a time, day of the week and season for the event to trigger, as well as a percent chance that the event will trigger.
  • Get back the experience of The Sims 2 FreeTime by creating an empty lot and having it populate with objects based on the skill levels of Sims in the active household.
  • Make technology advance over time by creating an event that triggers a certain number of weeks into the game.
  • Create your own exclusive club that is only populated with objects if a Sim in the active household is able to befriend a set group of Sims (note: best with aging disabled).
  • Set up your events to spawn a chosen number of random Sims, or even choose specific Sims to spawn to the lot.

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